ARB – New Construction

This web page is for the Indian Springs ARB in Earlysville, Virginia (Every year we get one or more inquiries from folks about other neighborhoods named Indian Springs).

So, you want to build a new home on a property, revise an existing home (add a garage, expand the building), add a guest cottage or add a significant new building or a part of one to your lot – this is the right place. As guidance, adding a dog house is too small to qualify, but adding a shed to your lot is definitely “new construction”.

You will need to submit an application package to the ARB. For a new residence, this includes a check for $250. The ARB will want a paper copy of the application package as well as an electronic copy sent to The following documents make up the package:

ARB Builder Application – The ARB controls which builders can build in Indian Springs

ARB Builder Compliance – Builder agrees to follow our rules

ARB Construction Checklist – Guide for what you need to submit

Construction Plans – your plans should include 2ft contour intervals of the lot showing the current state as well as the after-construction state of the lot. On the contour intervals or some other plat or plan the following should be shown: setbacks, driveway, existing construction, new construction, dumpster location, porta john location, generator, HVAC units, below ground tanks (e.g., LP), antenna(s), construction parking area on the lot. On the plans, all external lights, including pole lights, should be shown.

Landscape Plan – for new construction, the landscape plan is often not available when the house plans are ready – this can be submitted later.

External Finishes – Names, pictures, descriptive information and where each of the finishes for the construction will go.

Lot Markings – Please mark any trees on the lot that will be removed, and stake out where the new construction will be sited for the ARB to review.