From time to time the Board will post information that it thinks might be of interest or helpful for the owners of Indian Springs.  If you are interested, please click on the attached links below — and please feel free to recommend additional websites you have found to be helpful!  Send your suggestions in an email to

Indian Springs Community News

This feature, found only on the Members Only page, has been reserved for Indian Springs’ members to post information that they may wish to share with the community, like special birthdays, weddings or the birth of grandchildren.  It might also include questions for other neighbors about recommendations for painters or plumbers, gardening tips, hobbies or new kitchen recipes. In order to post to this page, please submit your proposed post to the HOA Board secretary.  The secretary’s email address is:

Items submitted for posting should be respectful and relevant to our community; all requests will be acknowledged but the actual posting is at the discretion of the secretary or designated web liaison.  Posts are in reverse chronological order.  The news list can easily be searched by keyword using “Control F”.


Area Resources

  • EARL – Earlysville Area Residents’ League (As of Spring 2020, EARL is seeking volunteers to serve as President and VP  – primarily responsible for organizing 3 meetings/year, and maintaining content on the website.)
  • EARL Notes 
  • About Earlysville