ARB – Changes to Existing Home or Landscaping

This web page is for the Indian Springs ARB in Earlysville, Virginia (Every year we get one or more inquiries from folks about other neighborhoods named Indian Springs).

If your changes are in the nature of adding a guest cottage, expanding your house, or adding an outbuilding you will want to go to New Construction and follow the guidelines there.

If you want to paint your house eggshell white because the original paint color moonglow white is no longer available and eggshell is as close as you can come, go ahead and do it. If you just want to repaint it with the same exact color, go ahead.

If you want to paint your house green, and it used to be yellow, please send an email to that effect with your color sample.

The CCRs provide for you to cut down dead or dying trees or any tree of less than six (6) inches diameter at four-and-one-half (4.5) feet above ground whenever you want to. In fact, the ARB will encourage you to cut down your dead and dying trees. Likewise, trees that are in the view line for a lot that grow to impact the view that existed when the lot was purchased from Declarant may be cut at will. Other trees you should mark on your lot and tell the ARB you want to cut them down and await our review.

Minor landscaping, e.g., bed maintenance, bush/flower replacement, new tree plantings, seeding, weeding etc. are yours to do. If you want to deforest a lot, or reforest a lot, add a swimming pool, relocate your driveway, etc., in other words, anything that is very noticeable, please let the ARB know so we can approve, disapprove, or tell you we don’t get a say.