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August 1 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

PMG Speakers Bureau: Pruning the Right Way at the Right Time

The Center at Belvedere 540 Belvedere Boulevard, Charlottesville, VA, United States

The Center at Belvedere will host a free presentation by a Piedmont Master Gardener and professional arborist on “Pruning the Right Way at the Right Time.” Learn the essentials of when, where, and how to prune trees and shrubs; what tools to use; and how to prune safely and efficiently. Please register here.

Garden Basics: Fall Lawn Care and Great Lawn Alternatives

Trinity Episcopal Church 1118 Preston Avenue, Charlottesville

Lawns can help prevent wind and water erosion, control flooding, break down organic chemicals, cool the air, reduce noise, and sequester carbon. But they can also increase water consumption and pollute our air and waterways. Learn a sustainable approach to lawn management that includes
• Using environmentally friendly practices
• Managing weeds and pests while doing no harm to pollinators, birds, and other wildlife
• Reducing your lawn with groundcovers and low-maintenance native plant beds.

Garden Basics is a partnership with the Bread and Roses ministry at Trinity Episcopal Church.


Do you know of any special gardening or horticultural events coming up for the season?
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Service Providers/Nurseries/Garden Centers & Retailers 
(In no particular order, with no particular endorsement –
additional suggestions welcome!!  Just email them to )

Champ Lawson Landscaping 

Chris Crawford Landscaping and Tree Maintenance 
          (205) 784-7157  or via Facebook (search “@chriscrawfordinc”)

Cole Moore – TopSide Brush Control (Tree Removal, Understory Clearing)
          (540) 241-8657

Meriweather Mowing 

Protech Lawn and Landscape

Bartlett Tree Experts

Fant’s Tree Service

Grubb Tree Service

Van Yahres Tree Company

JJM Tree Service

Waynesboro Nursery

Waynesboro Landscape and Garden Center

Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) Tree Nurseries

 Lowe’s Charlottesville

Lowe’s Ruckersville

Blue Ridge Farmer’s Co-op (Formerly Southern States)

Ivy Nursery

Ivy Corner Gardens and Gift Shop

Edible Landscaping

Fitzgerald’s Apple Orchard
728 Harper’s Creek Lane, Tyro, VA 22976 (Nelson Co.)
Apple varieties include Red and Golden Delicious, Gala, Rome, Stayman, Granny Smith and York. Open Monday – Saturday during apple season. 8:00 AM – noon and 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Snow’s Garden Center

Hummingbird Hill Natives (Nursery)

The Garden Spot

The Corner Store

Fifth Season Gardening Company

Eltzroth & Thompson Greenhouses

Landscape Supply  (recommended by Cooke Family/product “Deer Scram” is excellent deer repellent.)

Mulch Monkeys

Panorama Paydirt

High Country Gardens (Online Shop & Blog)
                        Fall-Blooming Perennials – List

Hottinger Greenhouses (Louisa)

Sharondale Mushroom Farm (Keswick)

Milmont Greenhouses (Waynesboro)


Organizations and Resource Links

Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards

Piedmont Master Gardeners

Botanical Garden of the Piedmont

Piedmont Native Plants – Reference Book

                                  Download (Free) // Hard Copy for Sale

Plant Virginia Natives (Many reference links available)

Common Native Trees of Virginia – VDOF Reference Manual

Virginia Native Plant Society

Virginia Natives – Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Buck Mountain Garden Club  PO Box 683, Earlysville, VA 22936
Meets at 12:30 on the 2nd Monday of each month (Sept through June) 
Deese Hall, Buck Mountain Episcopal Church – All Welcome!

PRISM (Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management) – National Invasive Species Information Center (NISIC) – NISIC Virginia Invasives

Problem Species in Our Area:

Find Your Local VDOF Forester 

American Horticultural Society

Arbor Day Foundation

Links to Reporting/Combating Invasive Species (Lanternfly, Ailunthus/Tree of Heaven) in Albemarle County

List of Deer-Resistant Plants/Rutgers University

Stilt-Grass Management (August is Prime Time) / PRISM    

Virginia Cooperative Extension (Virginia Tech)

Relationship Between Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven) & Spotted Lanternfly

Dealing Effectively With Ticks
            Permethrin 0.52% Protective Bands

Piedmont Native Plant Guide DCR May 2023

The Gardens at Waterperry Farm (A Gem in Our Own Backyard!)


Suggestions & Messages from your Indian Springs Neighbors:

5/2/23:  Here’s a list of Deer Resistant Spring Blooming Flowers per Great Garden Plants March 2023

10/6/22:  I’m going to attend the PRISM in-person session on “Invasive Vines” at the Botanical Garden of the Piedmont on Saturday 11/12/22 from 1 – 4.  It’s free, and sessions fill up quickly – Anyone who wants to join in should register here; happy to car-pool! – Dee Walsh

9/15/22:  A member of the BMGC recently recommended a couple of plants, including “Hummelo“.  She described it this way: “It’s totally different from the light colored fuzzy stachys we know as Lamb’s Ears. It still has purple spikes of flowers, but is a mounding perennial and is deer and rabbit resistant!”  The other plant recommended was a coneflower called Mellow Yellows. It “mellows” to more cream as it matures.     Both sound like welcome additions to any garden! –  Dee Walsh

9/14/22:  American Burnweed (Erechtites hieraciifolius), also known as fireweed, is a fast-growing, annual weed commonly spotted in gardens and fields around West Virginia in late August and early September.  It grows 6 -10 feet tall, has a cylindrical flower cap, and a cottony, white fluffy flower that becomes easily airborne when it blooms.  Another fast-growing weed to watch out for! (But thankfully it’s easy to pull up or snap off…)   –  Dee Walsh

8/26/22:  Jennifer Pitsenbarger noted that Albemarle Ciderworks uses small cloth bags filled with the fertilizer Milorganite® to deter deer, and that “they generally last for a season and are quick and and inexpensive way to put up a basic defense.”  A research study from the University of Georgia on this subject concluded:  “that Milorganite® has potential as a deer repellent for ornamental plants. Though the repellent did not eliminate deer damage, it reduced the overall impact. The effectiveness of a repellent is highly dependent on climatic conditions, deer density, and resource availability.”

7/20/22:  More on Deer Repellents:  Dottie McFalls  highly recommends a product called “DeerPro”, available only online at Dottie says it lasts a long time, and that they spray in mid-December and it lasts all winter. There is also a separate product for summer.   

7/10/22:  Hello IS Neighbors,  My husband and I have tried all of the deer repellent products from Lowes with mixed results so in June we went to Landscape Supply off route 250 (2424 Richmond Road, Charlottesville). We purchased a product called Deer Scram and we have had amazing results with this product. We sprinkled it around and in our flower garden and we haven’t seen a single deer in our garden since applying this product. Deer Scram comes in a granular form and is sold in 25 lb. buckets. The two gentlemen who helped us were very friendly and quite knowledgeable.

Since we have had such amazing success with this product, we wanted to share our experience with all of you who may also have flowers/plants/shrubs/trees that you wish to protect.  Landscape Supply is just off 250 but can be a little tricky to find the first time. They are located behind the Amerigas building. Turn off 250 at the Amerigas building and you will then be able to see the Landscape Supply building in the back.   Best,  Cindy & Bill Cooke

5/3/22:  From Sara Kunkle – Hi, neighbors – I grew a large quantity of herbs from seed for an event last weekend and have some leftover plants to share!  

  • Basil ‘Aromatto’
  • Basil ‘Mrs. Burns Lemon’
  • Basil ‘Lemon & Cinnamon Mix’

These are in 4 inch pots and ready to go out in the garden. If anyone is interested in some herb starts, please let me know. I am happy to drop off or feel free to coordinate with me to come by and choose whatever plants you like. Thanks!     Sara Kunkle    (Please see “Members-Only” page, community blog/log for contact info.)